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Analysis of John Murawski's Review of FEAR
Murawski's review appeard in North Carolina's "The News & Obsever" on July 30th, 2006

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John Murawski’s review of FEAR is simply an occasion to tell an interesting family story and to develop the idea that totalitarianism taints and co-opts its own victims so that all become, in the end, complicit in its crimes. However, in his treatment of this issue, he does not try to sort out or discuss the complicated issues that Professor Gross raises about supposed Polish complicity in the Holocaust or Jewish collaboration with the new communist regime, which are at the center of the argument of FEAR, except to dismiss the notion that Jews collaborated with communists as “a canard.”

Thus, the review is simply an adequate summary of some of the main lines of Gross’s argument, but it really does not provide a critical discussion of the meat of the thesis.

Also, Murawski’s contention that Gross’s family left in 1968, as did Murawski’s own family, is mistaken. Professor Gross left Poland in 1959.
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