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The Piast Institute created Analysis of FEAR to ensure that Jan Gross's Essay, its thesis and the context of World War II Poland are properly, thoroughly and fairly covered in the national public discourse.  In our efforts, we have tracked international publications, reached out to scholars all over the world for their research and opinions, translated numerous documents from Polish to English and vice-versa, dedicated our staff and resources to researching and writing on this topic, and communicated with editors of the national newspapers and magazines that have decided to publish uncritical reviews, including some that have characterized Poland and its people in ways that border on libel.

As you know, the cost of this research, editing, writing, translating, the fees for permission to reprint and the expense of maintaining and publicizing this webpage are labor intensive and expensive.

If you are interested in helping the Piast Institute maintain this website and enable it to launch additional symposia, all of which aimed to ensure that accurate and informed understandings of issues make the mainstream media, please consider a generous donation to our cause.  Your support will enable us to continue to be an influential voice on Polish issues in the national discourse.

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